• Réhahn

    Réhahn is a photographer from Normandy, France, based in Hoi An, central Vietnam, since 2011. Led by his love of travelling and meeting people, he has visited more than 35 countries prior to making his home in the ancient town of Hoi An.

    He is particularly renowned for his portraits of Vietnam, Cuba and India. The media regularly cites him as the Photographer who captures the souls of his models. Indeed, Réhahn spends time with the people he meets and builds a relationship with them before taking their photographs. Specialising in the ethnic groups of Vietnam, he travels the far reaches of this country on his motorbike in order to capture the latest images of these dying cultures.

    Réhahn is undoubtedly one of the most featured photographers of the last 3 years. He collaborates with the National Geographic and Travel Live on a regular basis for the purchase of his photographs. Numerous articles have also been published in the international media such as the BBC, the Daily Mail, Los Angeles Times, Foto Digital, Travel Live, Conde Nast Traveler, Elle, Paris Match, Marie-Claire, Esquire, Geo… totalling more than 500 articles and interviews during these last 3 years (which also include 40 television appearances on the Vietnamese national channels).

    The Photographer is also very active on social networks where he posts his photographs on a daily basis. His Facebook page is one of the most dynamic with more than 348,000 followers (as of March 2016).

    15th January 2014 : Publication of his book, « Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts », comprising of 150 photographs which depict the country’s diversity. The book, sold in 29 countries, became a bestseller in Vietnam.

    – 25th October 2014 : Réhahn captured the photo « Best Friends » depicting Kim Luan, a small M’nong girl of 6 years, praying to an elephant. Thanks to the press agency Caters (New York), it was published in more than 25 countries across the world, and became the cover photo for prestigious media such as Conde Nast Traveler, The Times, National Geographic, to cite a few.

    – 2nd December 2014 : The renowned website, Bored Panda, ranked Réhahn 4th of the 10 best portrait and world travel photographers, just after Steve McCurry, Lee Jeffries and Jimmy Nelson. The article went viral and was translated in more than 20 languages.

    – 15th May 2015 : The photographs « Hidden Smile » (cover photo of his first book) and « Best Friends » (the small girl with the elephant) became part of the collection of the Asian House Museum in Havana (Cuba) as a result of the exhibition « Valiosa Herencia » (Precious Heritage).

    – 15th October 2015 : The photo « Best Friends » (1 x 1.5 m) was sold for 10,000 Euros to a collector in Rennes, France. The second copy was sold in Hanoi, thus making it the most expensive photograph in Vietnam.

    – 10th November 2015 : The second volume of « Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts » met with great success with more than 500 copies being sold in the first month.

    – January 2016 : Réhahn was ranked the second most popular French photographer of the web (Source:

    – 8th March 2016 : The photo « Hidden Smile » officially became part of the collection of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi in the presence of French Embassy officials and some 50 newspaper and television journalists. Réhahn invited Mrs Xong (the 78 year old lady in the photo) to attend this ceremony, which was also her first visit to Hanoi.

  • Juliette Jourdain
    Juliette Jourdain

    Juliette Jourdain was born in 1991, she is fast-growing French artist. Painting, folding, molding and cutting....these tangible activities in her photos were part of her childhood. She graduated from EFET photography school and began her career as a freelancer and specialized in portraiture. Juliette Jourdain's works are mainly influenced by seventh art, but fashion photography and painting play their role too. Juliette Jourdain takes photos just like a master paints his canvas, with unfathomable and subtle imagination. She has a sharp eye when it comes to portraying art. A true creator, she shapes up a baroque, surrealistic and dreamlike universe through intense sensitivity. With meticulous decors highlighting finesse, her models oscillate between fantasy and elegance. Her elegant stagings depict sophisticated beings. Her works celebrate virtuosity, by getting round exquisite pleasure. She won the 2nd Picto fashion prize in 2015 and is now famous abroad.

  • Alex Buts
    Alex Buts

    Alexander Buts is a professional advertising photographer and one of the most popular photographers in the CIS. He began in this advertising field and to the present day, his works are used worldwide by advertising and publishing compagnies. Alexander, successful fashion and beauty photographer, has even been noticed by one of the most popular fashion channel, Fashion tv.

  • Vadim Stein
    Vadim Stein

    Vadim Stein was born in Kiev (Ukraine) in 1967, where he got an education in the sphere of sculpture and restoration. From 1985 to 1992 he worked in the Theater of Plastic Drama — as an actor and a lighting designer. After leaving the theater he got keen on decorative sculpture and graphics. Then it became necessary to take photos of his own works. It was the beginning. Now Vadim Stein lives and works in St. Petersburg (Russia), in the city of the white nights and the melancholy people. He is known here as a photographer, sculptor, and stage designer. Now he is trying himself as a videographer. Solving the aesthetic problem, I also reveal many ethical questions. For me, such things as love and death are revealed through the aesthetic category, beauty is the predecessor of ethics.

  • Martial Lenoir
    Martial Lenoir

    Martial Lenoir, fashion and portrait photographer, Was born in 1971 in Basque Country. He lives and works in Paris. He had bought his first camera, RB 67 model, in October 2001. Graduated from EFET (Superior School of Photography and Audiovisual) in 2003, he Would become assistant photographer in Studio Daguerre in Paris, alongside Nacer Messili,Gérard Harten and Francis Hammond. 

    In 2009 he gained award in european festival of nacked pictures in Arles with his collection « la loge des rats ».

    In 2011, he was laureate for argentic price ILFORD. The same year, he exhibited his collection « Les Garçonnes » in european festival of backed pictures in Arles in la Chapelle Sainte-Anne. 

    In 2012, he started his serie « Les reflets du désordre » that he ended it in 2014 with an exhibition at the Schwab Beaubourg Gallery and the publication of his book co-edited by La Musardine edition. 

    Today he works for several revues like Normal, Inked, Tantalum… and collaborated with lingerie collections Mise en cage and Maison close. His erotics and contemporary stagings are bought and exposed. He currently works on his news series of nacked « When men are gone » and « Pure Concrete ». 

  • Igor Chekachkov
    Igor Chekachkov

    His career in the photographic field began in March 2008. He started in this field as an editor and photo reporter for the Mediaport News Agency (based in Kharkiv, Ukraine). The scope of events covered during this period covers a wide range of cultural, mass and sports events.
    Since August 2008, due to the development of professional skills and individual approach of visual reporting, the author has been successfully contributing to news agencies such as RIA Novosti, Unian and ITAR TASS on a freelance basis.
    Since year 2010 this photograph has been engaged in photography teaching. First in 10×15 school, and since year 2012 in « Digital Photographic Art » school. The list of author’s photography courses includes tailor made composition and nude photography workshops.
    Since year 2010 the author’s professional interests field was enriched with editorial photography. One can find author’s portrait works in « Focus », « Status » and « Ukrainian Week » magazines, as well as a number of periodical news editions base in Ukraine. His collaboration with « Forbes » (Ukraine) started in February 2011.
    Since May 2013 he has been successfully working on projects with « National Geographic » (Ukraine) magazine.

    Since year 2013 this author is a member of UAPF (Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers) and UPHA (Ukrainian Photographic Alternative) group.

  • Roman Pyatkovka
    Roman Pyatkovka

    « Never thought that photography would be the meaning of my life. For a long time I worked in the Drama Theatre of the main lighting designer, for 8 years. At one point I realized that this work – not what I wanted to do in the future, left her and became interested in artistic photography. Boris Mikhailov is one of the most famous photo-artists of the world (as well as winner of the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography) became my teacher and mentor.

    Since then I have been held for more than 30 collective and individual photo exhibitions. Thanks to the exhibition has become a well-known projects such as: « Ghosts. Famine 30-ies », « I come from childhood », « Games of libido », « Bitch Love », and now they are displayed in collections: Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow, Russia), National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) (Moscow, Russia), Museum of Ken Damy (Bresha, Italy), Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago, USA), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia), Navigator Foundation (Boston, USA), ARTOTHEK (Nürnberg, Germany).

    In April, 2013 I was awarded the Sony World Photography Awards Conceptual Photographer of the Year title.

    I believe that in the photographic art, as in any other art, very important: self-awareness, self-deepening spiritual exhibitionism, and the creation of a dramatic concept of own feelings.

    The series “Propaganda Poster” reconsiders the language of propaganda of Soviet poster art from the 1920-50’s by merging it with images of post-Soviet erotica. The ideology-laden graphics and text of constructivism float above the ghostly female nudes creating new atemporal narratives. Simultaneously trading in irony, sexuality, and violence these photographs become a new kind of advertising, breathing new meanings into the body – the imaginary ideological one of the past and the exploited physical one of the present. »

  • Le turk
    Le turk

    After his studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and at the University of Tours (musicology and representation), Le Turk starts his career as an artistic director of the Center of Street Art in 2007 and then became a photographer with the WM Agency in Paris. Known for his extremely stylized and edited photographs, Le Turk quickly gained a reputation by constructing a mesmerizing, fascinating and colorful universe. He has received the Azart Grand Prize for Photography as well as the 1st prize La Tribu des Artistes Chic Art Fair in 2011.

  • Ryna Noir
    Ryna Noir

    Kate Noir is young Ukrainian photographer and director. She lives and works in Kyiv. She started doing photography as hobby when she was fifteen and later started learning directing in Kyiv National University of culture and art. By mixing two professions she tends to tell stories through photography and add fashion style into movie. In 2012 she become a winner of Ukrainian festival of music videos.

  • Maria Pleshkova
    Maria Pleshkova

    Maria Pleshkova was born in 1986, she is a multidisciplinary artist working in photography, digital collage and video.

    Her life and art are inseparably connected. In her work, Pleshkova explores the Microcosm, the human universe, and certain moments of the highest intensity of life. Her recent projects are mostly autobiographical, but the autobiography is just an excuse to talk about things which are universal and common to all humankind. Pleshkova's works has been shown in Russia, France, Spain, Italy and Georgia. She lives and works in Moscow and Paris.

  • Nath Sakura
    Nath Sakura

    Nath Sakura was Born in 1973 in Gerone (Spain) from unknown parents, she has been adopted by French. She has the double nationality. She is graduated of modern letter and philosophy in Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier, after that she worked as a photoreporter for several newspapers and revues in France and Europe. To this day, she has published 4 pictures collections and exhibited all around the world. She is currently a fashion photographer.

  • Angelina Nové
    Angelina Nové

    Angélina Nové started photography when she was 16 years. She Took a break during few years, after her brother’s death, she came back to the photography creating her « double souls » a series of selfportraits where the Artist gives life to a second body :

    « I created my own world world where soul becomes a sister, a friend or fellow traveler. Here, they can really meet themselves, no social rules (…) They can be themselves, disclose their sweets, their laughs but also their dark sides. » 

    Between shadow and light, Angelina’s pictures, drags us into a dreamlike world, uplifting corporeal world to the spirit world. It’s a meeting with upsetting and edgy artist’s works. 

  • Vladimir Fedotko
    Vladimir Fedotko

    Born in Leningrad, photographer and photo manipulator Vladimir Fedotko currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Nicolas Gauduchon
    Nicolas Gauduchon
  • Christophe le Potier
    Christophe le Potier

    Christophe Le Potier was born in 1971 in Santander (Spain).

    As a child, I entered the forgotten places. This is to me a way to freeze for eternity the atmosphere of a long abandoned building, forgotten by men and about to disappear forever. Wether a Military Hospital from the 18th century, a Castle, a jailhouse from the 19th century or a famous retired warship… For the last 10 years, I have looked for hess places and wanted to share these explorations through my photos. All of these places, filled with memory and history, which are all unmanned and uncared for, are not vandalized. For those with the right eye, give off a feeling of fear and excitement mixed with a profound respect. 

  • Bogdan Gulyay
    Bogdan Gulyay

    Bogdan Gulyay born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1980. Nowadays lives in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

    He works in classic black and white silver-gelatine technique.

    2017, Chernihiv, Ukraine. Contemporary Art Museum “Plast Art” – "The morning dew"

    2014, Charkiv, Ukraine. Municipal Gallery – “My Sexy Chernihiv” (with Olga Aboronok)

    2014, Chernihiv, Ukraine. Green Scene fest (Chernihiv Fine Art Museum) – “Kickboxing”

    2013, Chernihiv, Ukraine. Contemporary Art Museum “Plast Art” – “The paleocontacts” (with Olga Aboronok)

    2013, Kyiv, Ukraine. “Na Instytutskiy” Gallery – The Diary

    2012, Chernihiv, Ukraine. Chernihiv Fine Art Museum – Bare Nature

    2012, Chernihiv, Ukraine. Contemporary Art Museum “Plast Art” – Reflections of the provincial photographer

    2011, Chernihiv, Ukraine. Gallery 24 – The form of a woman

  • Poly Karpova
    Poly Karpova

    Born in September the 22nd, 1992 in Kharkov, Ukraine, she started in the photography field at the age of 16.

    2013 – Days of apartment exhibitions (Kharkov, 19, Sumskaya str.) – photo series “Memory to memory”.
    2014 – ‘MOTHER’ Exhibition (London, Doomed gallery).

  • Manuel Vimenet
    Manuel Vimenet

    Manuel Vimenet is a press photographer, he began his career as a freelance photographer for « Libération » and « Télérama ». He became a founding member of Collectif Presse Agency in Paris. He published several documents such as social report about life circumstances of migrant workers in Paris region. He reported about politicians or election campaign and in French jails. He works for French press like « L’Express », « Le Nouvel Oservateur » but also for international news networks like « Time » or German revue « Stern ».

  • Yohann Lepage
    Yohann Lepage
  • Gwenaelle Gonzales
    Gwenaelle Gonzales

    Gwenaelle Gonzales lives and works in Rennes. She is certified in graphic arts at the Beaux-Arts d’Orléans in 1984, after that she became photographer and graphic designer between 84 and 86. She works for Havas in Rennes, regional advertising inserts by Gault and Millau or additionally for Marie-Claire between 86 and 89. She makes also industrial photo report for Breton companies since 89. 

    There are lot of portraits all along her photographer career (in particular a work with sighted people in 2000 in Rennes, In Chiang-Mai), and a constant reflection about urban landscape. 

  • Bernhard Schroeder
    Bernhard Schroeder
  • Thierry Collin
    Thierry Collin
  • Jeremy Gibbs
    Jeremy Gibbs
  • Rovere

    Rovere has explored several visual arts disciplines: installations, video art, experimental film, digital drawing, photography…. As early as the 70’s, digital techniques, which were still in their early days, also became part of his focuses.
    As much indifferent to trends than to prescriptions, he may just as much be conventional and on the fringe of established standards, as reflected by his non-compliant processes, films made without a camera, hybrid techniques…

    Cinegraphic art (or experimental cinema)

    Some of his works are part of the permanent collections of the National Museum of Modern Art (Centre Georges Pompidou).

    Plastic photography (or scultured photography)

    He moves away from the sometimes rather conceptual approach from his first period. However, he is not renouncing to a certain experimental research. But he also tends to reconnect with the timelessness, without regard to the ephemeral tendencies.
  • Veronika Tumova
    Veronika Tumova

    Born in Karlovy Vary, spa town in Czech Republic , Veronika Tumova, is a self taught photographer whose passion for photography started after she moved to France in 2009. Her photographic artwork evokes different worlds of painting and plays with our imagination to provoke in us all sorts of emotions. With a well mastered technique of the use of blurriness, natural light and anonymous features, her work awakes our unconsciousness and suggests us to escape from our spectator position and to become the director of our own story. Through each one of her works, she is inviting us to a new world made of dreams, nostalgic tales, light and shadows.

  • Laetitia Lesaffre
    Laetitia Lesaffre

    Laetitia Lesaffre is a lacquerer and photographer. She lives and works in Paris.

  • Olive Santaoloria
    Olive Santaoloria
    Olive Santaoloria was born in 1973, he has grew up in the southwest of France, surrounded by the Bordeaux’s vineyards and the river ‘La Garonne’. Very soon he knew that he liked to translate emotions through paintings, photo, literature, or music. In 2008, Olive found a way to draw his creations with a camera. In his series ‘Leviathan’, Olive Santaoloria has developed a virgin world of broken bodies which reflect the turpitude of the soul. He likes to have the man, the woman, the couple, the Humanity at the center of his own thoughts. Olive describes the subjects in his work as follows: “From portraits to landscapes, the man of a thousand faces, the woman of a thousand reflections...” He is continuing his pictorial research within his different series: Leviathan or Red. He is more obsessed by a unique result and an original graphic than by the perfection of the academic photography. Olive has understood that he must go further in the concept ‘Photo-graphic’. In parallel of the two series visible on his website, Olive is working on a third artwork where, after playing with the shades of white, he will explore the black’s deepness. Since 2013, his series has been regularly exhibited in France and abroad. He is also regularly published all over the world, both by the artistic press and the Lifestyle Magazine.
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