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  • Alexandra Gestin
    Alexandra Gestin

    « Generous Humanism by Alexandra Gestin » 

    Alexandra Gestin has a particular talent with strength and sensibility. She shapes qualities of human being like a gift given by life… A trip, Philosophy of life, an appearance… Her instinct leads her. Her mind inspires. Her hands create. « Enfants du monde » et « Les Sumos » are the most importants subject of her work. 

    Description :

    Alexandra Gestin was born in a Guerande, a small city from la cote d amour reflection a tradition as flavored than its ‘fleur de sel’. The blowing breeze on the salt fieldsrapidlt transporter the native kids from le pays de la loire and her artit’s-architect grandfather into wonderful discoveries that nourished her passion for art. In North Africa, sculpture becomes obvious. In asia, she adds the philosophy of the glance. Today, she dropped her suitcases in Belgium where she breathes the air of freedom where she feels comfortable to sculpt.

    Every face is a place that left its mark on her life said Anna Gavalda. A face, a look, a picture and her hands work the materials. She finds in them the energy to work over and over the clay. Movements of her hands are beautiful, generous. Her works are real, authentic. She needs dimensions and thickness to create. Hand drawing in not her best skill. Her instinct makes her work with different volumes: strength, softness, solidity, fragility. To resume, a wonderful alchemy which symbolize the art and personality of Alexandra Destin.

    Antoinette Van Ham

  • Olivier Duhamel
    Olivier Duhamel

    Olivier Duhamel is a French artist, born in 1957. After several trips in Europe, Central Africa and South Pacific,Olivier Duhamel moved to New Zealand in 1987 and obtained the citizenship in 1992. He lives and works on the little island of Waiheke, near Auckland. He spends his time setting up his traditional foundry and a network of galleries who represent his work in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. He teaches bronze casting, and also published a foundry manual. His main source of inspiration is the feminine nude in pencil, he portrays this through a lot of detail and innovative figurative sculpture work, namely: "glue-laminated sculpture". Olivier Duhamel does figurative work, and has a sound expertise on human forms. He depicts them in bronze, wood and acrylic. Through his creations, he tries to capture beauty, sensuality of his subjects. He is mainly interested by beauty, emotions and technical expertise.

  • Bruno Catalano
    Bruno Catalano
  • Annick Leroy
    Annick Leroy

    Annick Leroy, sculptor, was born in 1951 and lives in Rennes. She produces monumentals sculptures or bronzes and céramics sculptures. To describe her work in few worlds we can say that it is figurative, contemporary and focus on movement.

  • Lauref

    I work sculpted paper and metal to give form to delicate silhouettes, in movement and adorned with colors. The exploitation of these materials leads me to play on their unique attributes. The papers I use are from various origins, although I prefer those that are handcrafted as they offer exceptional physical and mechanical qualities. From blank supports, a graphic and chromatic journey then personalizes each sheet. My work is a continuous search for the fluidity of lines in space, the vibration of movement and by extension that of the soul. The emotions aroused by these dynamic and refined creations invite us to travel beyond appearances.

  • Rudy Morandini
    Rudy Morandini

    Rudy Morandini is sculptor and painter, this artist care about the body representation. 

    Regarding the sculpture, Rudy developed original technical of nuts welding in order to sublim body’s curves and volum and to show its transparency.

  • Résine Floquées
    Résine Floquées
  • Résine Exterieur
    Résine Exterieur
  • Chantal De Sutter
    Chantal De Sutter

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